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1.If you do not have an account at, you may do so for free here.

2.Complete the registration form. All select forms allow multiple choice, hold down you “Ctrl” button while making choices if you wish to select multiple options.

3.Once registration is successful you will receive an email asking to confirm your email address before you can login.

4.Once you verify your email address you can login using the username and password you selected during registration.


How to blog:


1.Login to your account

2.Once you have successfully logged into your account you will have a new menu option available in the main menu area called “My Account”.

3.From the “My Account” menu option, select “Write a Blog”

4.Select a Category for your blog entry

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6.You may keep your blog viewable by the public as default, however if you wish to keep your blog available to only registered users, you may select that option just below the title.

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8.Just below the title and image area is the large text box to enter your blog. You can now add images and videos anywhere within your blog by using the media options available at the top of the text area.

9.Below your blog entry you may select from popular tags on the site, tags are keywords for your post, or you may enter new ones by typing your tag into the field and selecting the “+” icon.

10.We recommend leaving all options under “Publishing Options” as their default, these are available for advanced users, however the default options are the most popular and recommended to ensure your blog post properly and is available on our site blog.

11.Click the “Publish Now” and you have now contributed to the Addictionland community.

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