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Parents often say, "How was I to know he or she would be an addict?"



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How much time is to much spent online?

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your teen’s experimentation with drugs and alcohol may be the cause, or at least a trigger, of the defiant behavior?

If so, the time to get control of your teen’s negative behavior is now. Oftentimes, parents try to ignore bad behavior, hoping it will just “grow” away. But, things just end up going from bad to worse. In time, you also end up losing your credibility as an influential authority figure in your teen’s life. And, once that’s gone, it’s extremely hard to gain it back.

Now, throw in the issues of addiction. People can become addicted to just about anything: alcohol, narcotics, prescription drugs, shopping, eating, social networking, internet use, exercising, video games, pornography, and even sex. When it comes to teen addiction, it’s important for parents to take action immediately. Ignoring the problem, or taking a passive approach, will only lead to even more defiant behaviors.

The Myth about Hitting Rock Bottom

American culture, along with various infamous alcohol and drug addiction programs, are sticklers about the “hitting rock bottom” myth. The general idea is that an addict must sink to the lowest depths possible before he/she will accept help. Now, don’t get it wrong. When parents seek help for teen addictions, it’s often the direct result of the family hitting rock bottom, not the teen specifically.

When it comes to teens, however, it’s best that parents get help for both addiction and teen defiance long before teens reach the bottom of the pit. In most cases, teens who are forced into treatment do just as well as teens who seek out treatment for themselves. As a matter of fact, there’s some really innovative technology available these days, related to addiction treatment. So, even defiant teens who are violently against treatment have been known to sober up and straighten up, with professional help.

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