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Posted by on in Alcoholism

The Fifth Pillar of Brain Fitness-Novel Learning Experiences

Hopefully you have begun to get a feel for what the concept of brain fitness is about, and a feel for how you can facilitate the daily growth of new neurons in your own noggin by attending to the pillars of brain fitness, which are physical exercise, good nutrition including omega 3 fatty acids and antioxidants, good sleep, stress managment, and novel learning experiences.

Novel learning experiences are required by your brain to form new connections between neurons, which can happen within minutes, by the way.

I always thought that connections between neurons were built only after I had memorized something, and my brain had reached some kind of overflow state which became a long term memory, but that is not true.

Memorization means that fragment of knowledge is now in long term memory, but connections between neurons happens sometimes in minutes when something new is learned, so if you read an interesting blog post somewhere about PTSD for example, there may be a new connection happening rapidly.


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