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Recreational and medicinal usage of marijuana has increased in the last decade, sparking a debate about the dangers and risks of cannabis. Advocates for legalization of marijuana claim that weed is non-addictive and different from drugs like cocaine or heroin, which have high risks for chemical dependency. Antagonists claim that marijuana is potentially mentally and emotionally addicting, citing long-term cognitive and developmental problems brought on by habitual usage. The various opinions over cannabis differ greatly. Potheads call it a “wonder drug” and point to alcohol as the real problem. Radically conservative thinkers claim marijuana only makes a person lazy, promotes crime, and leads to harder drug use. The truth about marijuana lies somewhere in-between these two polar opposite outlooks.


Marijuana en Masse

Not everyone who smokes marijuana becomes addicted. Just like alcohol, the majority of the population can use cannabis non-addictively. Drugs like opioids and cocaine can create a strong chemical and physical dependence in habitual users. Marijuana does not have many of these properties and physical withdrawal symptoms are mild. In this way, weed isn’t as addictive in the traditional sense.

However, the belief that marijuana is completely non-addictive is also a myth. While most people who experiment with pot do not become addicted, there is no denying that hundreds of thousands of people do become addicted. Similar to alcoholism or a food addiction, marijuana addiction seems to arise in a certain minority of the population and presents itself in various degrees of severity. Why does marijuana present a  risk of addiction to certain people?


Posted by on in Drug Addiction

SPICE- A unregulated Incense used to get kids high.


What is Spice?
Spice is a synthetic cannabinoid, "fake" pot, and is sold as incense. Often sold at pipe shops or adult shops as a herb incense or natural herb potpourri. Spice is far from natural. Spice is a chemically altered compound that is not regulated and is very strong. Spice Incense does contain varies dried plants but the chemically made spray on, cannabinoid remains constant. How it works is it is sprayed over the herbs in Spice creating the high when smoked.
Spice is usually inhaled (smoked) and is not legal as a medical treatment. Spice is often combined with marijuana creating a still further hallucinogenic effect. Teens will describe Spice as legal and easier to buy; however it is not meant to be used as a intoxicant, despite the sale at shops that say it is ok. Misuse of the incense does rise to the level of drug use. Spice is often more potent than marijuana (Spice is NOT THC-note: there is NO THC in Spice) because it is entirely chemical and has a more harmful effect on the brain, lungs and body. Spice packages are clearly labeled not for human consumption but it is easily bought by teenagers and misused.

Spice can create:



Increased Blood Pressure

Intense Anxiety

If your loved one has any of these symptoms watch for:

Smell of burning herbs or incense
Foil or pipes
Frequenting pipe or "head shops". 
Finding foil spice packages. 
See a Addictions Counselor if you think your loved one is using Spice. 

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