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Posted by on in Alcoholism



Alcoholism has been medically classified as a brain illness since 1956. In spite of this medical diagnosis, the argument that addiction to alcohol is a choice still persists. It is a horrible misconception that is really doing a great deal of harm to people seeking recovery.

The concept that alcoholism is a choice does no help or service to those who have addition trouble. This mindset only serves to proliferate stereotypes of alcoholics. It gives the image that they are only weak-willed, inconsiderate, derelicts. It makes people think they could “Stop if only they wanted to.” This is an ignorant mindset that is brought on by people who are totally uneducated about the disease. Usually, people who have not had to deal with it themselves. So yes, they can always stop anytime they want. They do not have the same mental compulsion to drink that takes over in an alcoholic. They do not have the physical cravings for more alcohol that alcohols get as soon as a drop of liquor passed through their lips.

 Why isn’t alcohol abuse a choice? No one chooses to willingly destroy their family. No one wants their son, daughter, husband, wife, or parents to loathe them. Who in their right mind would choose those things? Furthermore, no one would willingly put their job or career in jeopardy by being irresponsible and foolish. Under the influence of alcohol, however, alcoholics do this on a regular basis. The same people, when sober, are perfectly normal and rational. They are fine people. When drunk, though, they routinely repeat the same mistakes. They wake up time and time again taking a vow to stay sober, or to correct their behavior, and they cannot follow it through, regardless of their will-power.


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