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Posted by on in Other Addictions

In this blog, I start a series of blogs which will elucidate on why I believe addictive behaviours to be the consequence of an emotional dysfunction partly perpetuated by genetics and partly by the environmental influence of insecure attachment to primary care givers and also childhood maltreatment.

All these factors appear to alter or impair brain regions implicated in emotional processing and regulation. This emotional dysfunction appears to contribute to initial use, abuse and addiction cycle all addictive behaviours.

Here I will briefly explain what I mean by emotional dysregulation and by emotional processing deficit, while highlighting how it appears to be a pathomechanism in addictive disorders. 


Research suggests (1) suggest individuals with poorly regulated emotions often turn to alcohol to escape from or down-regulate their emotions, creating a risk for diagnosable problems in relation to alcohol  dif´Čüculties as this impairment in emotion regulation is associated with alcohol-related disorders  and substance-related disorders (2).


Posted by on in Drug Addiction

Hello my blog name is Paul.  I am blogging from the UK, hence the strange spelling at times!

Thank you to Addictionland for having me as an "expert" blogger for the month of December which is a special month for me as it was in this month, a number of years ago, that I found recovery in the rooms of AA.  

I had not even heard of 12 step programs before my first meeting and believe that I had some form of psychic change at the meeting, for two main reasons - I had giving up completely or surrendered and the identification I had with those assembled in that room was enormous.

I felt listening to their "shares" that these people where just like me, that I had strangely come home, looking back. I had finally found the club or society of people that I belonged in.  No longer felt isolated or alone. I had been accepted fully for what I was. As someone who has had an, at times, abusive upbringing and an insecure attachment to my primary care giver, it was a beginning of a journey home, the beginning of an earned attachment, the start of my adoption into a surrogate home and family in fellowship.

This is my recovery, 12 step recovery, although I am not blinkered to other forms and have researched many other therapies too. The ideas in some are very insightful and if it works, work it.


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