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Top Ten Benefits of Sobriety

Posted by on in Drug Addiction
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Do you think being sober is boring? Think Again! There are a lot of benefits to living without drugs and alcohol. It may not be easy at first and the benefits of sobriety may not appear right away, but sobriety can be the greatest life you’ve ever known. Based on my personal recovery and the experience of others, I believe sobriety can lead to gifts you may have never imagined or thought possible. Here is my list of the ten best benefits of living sober.

  1. Boosted Self-Esteem and Motivation

It only makes sense that we feel better about ourselves when we stop harming ourselves and those around us.

  1. Better Eating & Better Sleep

When high on drugs, eating and sleeping aren’t a top priority. Sobriety helps us learn healthy habits.

  1. Make Authentic Friends

You thought your drinking buddies were good friends? Sober friends are in another league.

  1. Watching Your Bank Account Grow

Imagine all the money you’ll save without wasting it on alcohol and drugs (and lawyer fees).

  1. No More Hangovers or Withdrawals

Wake up feeling refreshed, instead of dehydrated and with your head throbbing.

  1. Saying Goodbye to Regret and Shame

Most of us do some pretty shameful and embarrassing things in addiction. Ever woke up not remembering what you did or said the night before?

  1. A Clear Conscious

Enjoy living without the burden of dishonesty and guilt.

  1. Experiencing Emotions

Without alcohol or drugs to numb or dull our emotions, we get to fully experience all that life has to offer.

  1. Expanded Self-Awareness

Recovery is where we really get to know ourselves. Find out who you really are and begin to learn to love yourself.

  1. Increased Spirituality

Whether you believe in God, nature, science, love, or nothing at all, grow in your understanding of your spirituality. Discover how you interact with the universe and with others.


These are just 10 of the countless possible benefits of sobriety and each person may experience their own unique benefits. What benefits has sobriety brought you? What benefits do you hope sobriety will bring?


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