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Posted by on in Co-dependency
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Dr. Barbara Sinor is a retired Psychotherapist living in northern California. Sinor is the author of five inspirational books including her most recent, Tales of Addiction and Inspiration for Recovery. Sinor can be contacted through her web site: and her recovery jewelry site at

Spiritual evolution is like a force which pushes us to transcend and move forward. The force is called Love. Love is evolution in progress. For spiritual growth is the evolution of consciousness contained within this Love. To be fully conscious is to bring synchronicity between the conscious and unconscious.

Why is so much of ourselves—our beingness—unconscious? I feel this is where we connect to a Higher Power, God/Goddess/All-That-Is. which is within. We no longer need to search outside ourselves for God, nor do we need to assume we will ultimately unite with God--our unconscious-self, our true-Self that is part of God is already within us.
In this way, one becomes a co-creator of reality. We each co-create our own reality. We each have an incredible power, the power of our spiritual-Self.  Spiritual power is also our consciousness, the ability to make aware decisions, to live fully conscious, and to recognize the miracles around us. Self-discovery comes before self-recovery. We are not lost in our universe. This time and space exists for us to travel within it. The human race is making an evolutionary leap. Whether or not we succeed in that leap is your personal responsibility and mine. On this journey of spiritual growth, we are guided by an unimaginable wisdom.
Spiritual growth is a journey out of the microcosm into the macrocosm. This journey happens to each person when they stop seeing only what was accepted in childhood as reality—and begin viewing the world as a whole and re-creating the smallness of ideas and values into expanded awareness. By developing a broader vision, you can challenge what you have been taught. To escape from our microcosmic childhood, we must be skeptical of what we have learned to date. Our actions are based on our understanding of our awareness of reality. You are the one who helped create this condition and it is up to you to change and heal it—to recover from it! In the end, we all heal ourselves by re-creating the outmoded views of reality into one that works for us.
Many people have a "fear of responsibility" toward this choice. Perhaps this stems from their childhood conditioning. Were you told that you couldn't do something "right" or "good enough?" This may have inhibited you to step forward to change your reality at this time in your life. Begin by choosing and finding your own words and concepts behind and beyond what was taught to you. Are you living out a life of roles and scripts which were handed-down by your parents? Can you find similarities between your choices in life and the choices taken by either or both of your parents? What were your parents exhibiting in their life at the same age you are today? Have you subjugated your true-Self for love and approval from your parents? If so, in what ways? Take a moment to write down your answers to these questions.
The above questions ask you to distinguish if your choices in life have been based on your desires as an adult, or if they stem from your inner child's desire to be accepted by your parents or parental figures. By answering these questions and others, you may discover that many of your scripts were initiated out of love and loyalty to your parents or other adults.
Conscious transformation occurs when changes ensue regarding world views, beliefs, and goals; and when changes happen surrounding motives, values, love, compassion, and support. These changes support an autonomous adult and the transformation of the spiritual side. Many times when in recovery it is necessary to address childhood issues, as well as, spiritual viewpoints to enlist an "Ah Ha" moment which could lead to ones' true sobriety.

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