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Posted by on in Alcoholism
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Sherry Gaba, LCSW, is a Psychotherapist and Recovery Coach on Celebrity Rehab 2, 3, and 4 as well as Sober House and Celebrity Rehab's Sex Addiction on VH1 with Dr. Drew Pinsky.  She is also the author of "The Law of Sobriety" and the audio program "How to Attract Positive Energy while Eliminating Your Addictions."  You can contact her at

Learning to live in appreciation, forgiveness, and compassion are interrelated. Once you learn to forgive yourself and others, releasing all the shame you have been carrying, finding your purpose will be much easier.  You will have opened up a space in your heart for true compassion which can only lead to a profound appreciation for your sobriety.  When your heart is open, anything and everything is possible.  I have seen many clients release their resentments towards people, places, and things letting them go allowing for positive changes to occur.   

Living a life of right action is living a life that aligns with your essence, no one else’s.  You are here to follow a path that is essentially yours, and yours alone.  If people, places, or things are taking you off that path, get back on it by getting rid of what is causing you to stray.  Obviously if your addiction is taking you away from what you truly want, then it is time for you to embrace the Law of Sobriety and attract back into your life exactly what you deserve. 

Living with awareness and mindfulness is self-explanatory.  It is about living your life one moment at a time. The founders of the twelve steps must have divinely known that living “One day at a time” was all an addict or alcoholic could tolerate.  Often one of the personality characterics of someone who has the disease of addiction is their difficulty staying out of the past or future in their thoughts.  It is much easier not to be judgmental of yourself if you are living mindfully in the moment.  There is nothing to perseverate in the moment is there?  The moment is perfect just as it is.

Finally, learning to let go of resistance and attachments is about not being glued to having things turn out exactly as you envisioned them to be.  It is about being open and willing to whatever comes your way so that you do not live in perpetual disappointment when things don’t go your way.  I always thought that I would only be working with single parents when I graduated from my social worker program.  I had no idea I would end up working in addictions.  Once I became open to wherever my career was going to take me, more opportunities came forth.  Having my book published is an example of achieving something I could have never dreamed possible when I entered graduate school.  I am so grateful I have remained open by letting the law of sobriety work by creating miracles in every area of my life.

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Sherry Gaba, Celebrity Life Coach and Psychotherapist on VH1's Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew, is also a psychotherapist and life coach specializing in individual, couples, family, and group psychotherapy. With over thirteen years of experience as a clinician, and a graduate of USC specializing in addictions, eating disorders, parenting, single parenting, divorce, and life coaching, Sherry is currently serving as a private practitioner working with a broad spectrum of clients.

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