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Lies Addicts Tell Themselves

Posted by on in Drug Addiction
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In addiction, the addict is often a master of dishonesty, a “Rembrandt” of manipulation and deception. The following joke summarizes this trait: “How do you know an addict is lying? …Their mouth is open”. Unbeknownst to outsiders, the person most fooled by addiction is often the addict themselves. Their perceptions of reality are skewed, they believe everything is under control or that there isn’t really a problem. Here are some of the biggest lies that the addict tells themselves and believes.

Common Lies in Addiction


“I’m not addicted to drugs, I choose to use drugs… I could stop if I wanted to”

“I can quit anytime I want”

“If I get in any more trouble or things get any worse, then I’ll stop using drugs”

“If everyone just left me alone, then I would be fine”

“Drugs are fun, a life without drugs is boring”

“If you had my life and my problems, you’d use drugs too!”

“Drugs are not my problem, I just have bad luck in life”

“It wasn’t my fault I got arrested, those cops were jerks”

“This is the last time, once these drugs are gone I’ll quit for good”

“I’m not an addict, all the drugs I take are prescribed by a doctor

“My drug use is my own business, I’m not hurting anyone else!”

“I’ll only use drugs on the weekend”

“I don’t use drugs everyday so I can’t be an addict”

“My friends use more drugs than me, I’m not that bad”

“It’s not like I’m using needles or living under a bridge, I’m not addicted”

“I have a car, house, and a job. Addicts don’t have those things”

“Drugs make me a funnier and more easygoing person”

As a recovering addict, I know that I have personally told myself over half of these lies. At the time I even believed them! Looking back, it is easy to find the deception and flawed logic behind each little lie I told myself. Talking to other addicts, I have discovered that these lies are universal, I wasn’t the only one! Today, through sobriety, I have come to terms with my addiction and can live a more truthful and authentic life.


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