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It's a parade, smile and wave!!

Posted by on in Drug Addiction
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During my time as a drug addict, who also suffered from more than one mental illness, I frequently was the victim of my own bad judgment. I, still am prone to making swift but not necessarily wise decisions. I'm the target shopper that the checkout is made for. Being impulsive and using poor judgment describe me perfectly. In fact, this blog might be considered by some to be a bad idea. They could be right. However, I'd like to tell you a story about myself and my "shotgun" at the time. We'd switch roles at times depending on whose errand was priority. A "shotgun's" job was to; drive, make calls, grab fast food and for a good one, generally anticipate what comes next. We traded out the job. One Saturday morning, after we'd both been awake all night, we were headed to Dallas in my maroon Lumina to Dallas County Jail to visit my boyfriend. She was driving like a bat out of hell cuz we were about 2 hours late due to nothing ever going as planned. So we were flying down Hwy80 between Hawkins and Mineola. I was in the passenger seat changing clothes, putting on makeup and curling my hair with a butane curling wand. She said "Heads up." As we approached the city limits where the road looked closed. "Ima go around it." She said and hung a left. So we went left, then right then left again and finally hung the last left amidst the frantic waving arms of the people we passed and realized we'd come out back on Hwy80 behind a marching band. We'd managed to insert ourselves smack in the middle of some sort of local parade. In front was the band, behind and all around us was the Shriners whipping in and out of our car. Behind them was some sort of float. I'd paused curling my hair and stared stupidly at the waving crowd. "What do we do?" I asked. "Wave" she replied. So we crept along waving at the smiling people. Finally after losing about 45 minutes she saw an unblocked road and we made our exit. Parade behind us we again raced toward the big city. It was a rare funny moment in the midst of a frightening and very dangerous time in our lives. There wasnt much to laugh at during that season of addicts and theives. A moment of humor surrounded by risk and danger.

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