I stopped doing a tenth step on paper many years ago.  My justification has been that recovery is a daily process that has put me in the habit of checking my thoughts, motives and actions and correcting them (promptly) when I am off course.  I say it is my justification because I have to wonder if my rollercoaster ride in and out of joy this year isn't at least, in part, due to my lack of consciousness in each moment.

The only way I will answer that question is by starting to do my 10th step on paper again.  Holy moly!  Isnt that just profound as heck? Not really.  If I want a different result, I need to inspect my program and ask myself "What have I stopped doing that seemed to help me before?" Alternatively, I can ask myself "What have I started doing that makes me suffer?"  Either of those two answers are bound to conjure up images of certain behaviors or thought patterns during the day that can be embraced or surrendered to augment one's sanity and contentment.

For instance, I have stopped doing a 10th step on paper, meditating on a daily basis, working out on a daily basis and hanging out with my friends as often as the past.  Of course I am married now with a six year old son which presents challanges to me in terms of how much time I have, however I feel pretty certain if I did some of these things just a bit more often I would feel relief.

I've stopped judging why or how something works a long time ago.   I just care whether it passes the acid test and helps me and others enjoy a better life experience.  Hope this helps you too.