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Drug tools, technology, terminology for the.bewildered

Posted by on in Drug Addiction
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This is going to be redundant for many readers. But in case a family member is reading, this is going to answer to your question if your a spouse, a parent, a grandparent,  a family member or friend and because it's secretive by nature you probably only know that your loved one has been less and less who they once we're. Some things are pretty obvious, like if you've found a pipe. A method pipe can be colored but the cheapest are the "insence burner" available in many convenience stores for about $3. It's going to be tempered glass like a marijuana pipe,  but it's going to have a round bowl with a small hole in it for loading it. Wher whereas a weed pipe comes in an endless array of colors, shapes and styles but will have black char in the bowl similar to cigarette char and will smell during and after burning. With meth the residue in the bowl can range in color from a pale tan to a dark brown oily looking residue. Also it has virtually no smell before, during or afterr burning. Someone can go into a bathroom, smoke some meth and come out and even if it's immediately after the meth has been smoked, there will be no scent hanging in the air like weed would leave. You can also smoke shit (meth) on aluminum foil but there's a trick to that so most people will spring for the $3 pip and and weed can be smoked on a soft drink can bent a little with a hole in it. However a determined fiend will FIND a way to get high. Wow I ran kinda long on that.  I'll try to no to go so long. 

Other items you might find are bent spoons, ear swabs with one or both ends looking not right, like they've torn off a little. Or little ziploc baggies, tiny like for beads or coins sometimes empty sometimes with a tiny bit of white dust in it. Straws cut short and at a slant, digital jewelers scales, now pocket size.

Now I'm gonna spend a minute or so on basic weights and money. I have no doubt that prices come in a wide range based on availability and competition. A common weight to push is an ounce, a "zip" which runs (in the South of the states) between 300 for some meth that has had some type of similar substance (the only two that I have even heard of are MSN and stinking bath salts which again I know nothing about except that bathsalts will give the dope a flavor. But from $300 to $1000 which would sell itself. An average breakdown is about $550-$600 for a half an ounce. Again the low scale would be cheaper but again much lower quality. The averageaddi cf t will scrounge up $20 a day for  .20. Or twenty cents. When we got into the business it was so quality that you could do one shot and go three or four days without  wanting any more. 

It's likely that many of you know first hand just exactly what I've been talking about. In thirty years there have been several constants.  One of them is it's no career move.  Nobody gets to retire after a lifetime of selling drugs surrounded by their I'll  gotten gains with their family all around them with the satisfaction of a life well lived. There may be the very rare person who gets to make It. But if they did, then they handled their business without a lot of people and oh so low profile. Even then its like a needle in a haystack. 

I've tried to lay a little frame. Once more I've not tried to glamorize the lifestyle. The fact remains that that little bit you just did WILL WEAR OFF and it ain't free and if you do get more it's illegal. Hope this helped. Thank you for your time. 


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