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Christmas Terror

Posted by on in Drug Addiction
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It was Christmas Eve morning, 1986. My husband's hand had been getting much worse.  It hurt him constantly now. He would hold it under running water as hot as he could stand it and rub his fingers moaning. I felt utterly helpless, was GINORMOUS pregnant,  8months, and was increasingly worried that something was horribly wrong. One day we we're at the kitchen sink where he was running scalding hot water over his hand obviously in excruciating pain. He was rubbing and massaging his fingers then he sort of squeezed one of his fingers and the end of his finger burst open. Finally he could no longer stand the incredible pain and we went to the ER. They took x-rays and ran tests. Their manner was worrying me. They we're acting as if he were a time bomb. The hospital rushed us to a specialist. Now bear in mind this was Christmas Eve. When everybody takes off early. We went to the specialist who rushed us to ETMC Tyler for an arteriogram, where they punch a large hole in your artery in your groin and run die through your entire body.  It turned out that he had two bones in his left shoulder that had fused together and where they had fused, a now large blood clot that was letting little pieces float down into his fingers..  When the doctor came into the room I was all alone. 8mmonths pregnant with a 2 year old at my parents house. We had no insurance cuz selling dope for a living doesn't lend itself to health insurance.  The doctor was very plain spoken and told me my husband was downstairs and they couldn't stop the bleeding so he would likely bleed to death,  however in the event he lived they couldn't treat him because number one no insurance ,number two it was an unknown diagnosis.  They didn't have the necessary staff to do what was a very rare surgery that that hospital had never even seen. They said they we're on the phone with Baylor Hospital who MIGHT be able to see do something.  But otherwise if he did manage to not bleed to death that he could die at any moment but they couldn't help us get him to Dallas………no insurance. Good luck.……………That was it. No emotion at all.  No sympathy for a pregnant wife whose husband was bleeding to death. He spun on his heel and walked out the door. It will take more space than I want to use right now. I'll pick it up later. Thanks for your time!

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