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But the place is on fire., we can't just leave him.

Posted by on in Co-dependency
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We had been gatheing for about three days collecting the poison that we would  need to stir like a witches brew till it was ready to inject in ourselves and make an unreal amount of money with it. Actually there's little money to be made cuz every penny would be invested in the next cook. If you find a truly good cook, you'll find that they are only truly happy when there cooking. 

Anyway my friend outlaw and I we're headed to the deep country to meet his partner who's barn we would be working  in. We ended up in the middle of nowhere. So we sat down and punched pills and clipped lithium batteries and drained that air of cans of starter fluid. Everything was almost ready so I went into the other half of the barn where my car was parked and where I would be the town cryer if anyone came up. So I went to post up in my car and promptly fell asleep. Because what I never told them was my plan was to haul ass and yell over my shoulder that they should run too. Hahaha!! Anyway I was sleeping when the cook jumped in my car with his arms filled with all the cook ingredients.  He said "Let's go hurry. " I could smell smoke. "What happened? " I asked. "Nothing just go." "What about your buddy? " I asked.  "He'll be fine. Just get us the he'll out of here.  I still have to gas it!! " Feeling like a monster, I punched the accelerator and sling dirt we backed out of the garage and I was too close to one side and pulled out catching my bumper on the door and pulling it loose. We flew down the country until I couldn't stand it and pulled over on the side of the country road.  I said "I can't do it.  I can't leave a man in a burning building to be roasted so we "Can gas it. " I'm going back if you want to wait here I'll be back to get you. " he said he'd wait. So I went back to try to help a guy I didn't even know. 

When I got there smoke was still rising.  I tied a shirt around my face and entered the smoke filled room. "Hey are you still in here? " I asked.  I could hear someone answering but mostly heard their coughing. Finally he made it to me. We both groped our way out of the Smokey barn. He kept asking about the cook. Not the person. He said he'd be fine and told me he appreciated the thought but told me to go back and pick up my passenger.  I left feeling better. I went and scooped him up along with his pot of gold. I'm always shocked although I shouldn't  be, by the way it becomes the priority in everything. All consuming. No time for family, for baseball games played by little boys or softball for little girls, only druggie "friends". I hope nothing I post makes life in the drug world seem like the book thing to do. I recently stopped by an old friend who is still caught up in that scene but is trying to get out..I told her and her boyfriend that "nobody retires from slinging,  or cooking methods. It's not like you'll someday be able to rock on your porch with your nice things all around you.If it's I'll gotten then you won't get to keep it. Somehow all those stolen things that you got for a pittance will all gradually slip away. You'll in go to jail and in everything. Or you'll die from abusing your body,  (I've destroyed my health.) In if you quit at any age youll have a better life. Thank you for your time. 


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