I tried hot yoga a few years before I came into recovery.  It does not surprise me, looking back, that I couldn't handle the heat.  My body was very unhealthy due to my multiple addictions and my breath (which is yoga) was being poisoned with cigarettes.

About ten years into recovery, I relaised that my practice of jogging was taking its toll on my body and I wasn't enjoying it as I once had.  I longed for a suitable replacement.  During that time, my Aunt sent me some angel cards and told me to use them when I had questions about my life path.  I asked the angels for messages from time to time and on each occasion cards relating to mediation and yoga appeared.

I finally decided to reignite my meditation and mantra practice, and signed up for a month of unlimited hot yoga classes.  After a few Sundays, I was hooked.  Yoga eliminated stress from my body, offered me greater immunity, strengthened my bones and lefft me feeling fantastic. After five months of practicing regularly on Sundays, I got the terrible news my mother had lung cancer.

To this day, I feel that yoga and meditation were critical in my ability to endure the pain and turmoil that followed the diagnosis.  Thankfully, I still had my circle of recovery friends, the twelve steps and my family to turn to during this time.  Still, it was the Yoga that offered me the deeper messages I needed to hear to persevere.