This is two one post. My very loyal friend Grace was asst manager at the biggest craft store in the region and loved her job and was very good at it. Her boyfriend was not nearly so ambitious. Between jobs perpetually but wasn't one to be accountable even to Grace. I immediately liked Grace. She was not the kind of person who waited on her opportunities to find her, she found them. Yes we both sold meth, pretty smoothly because while our better(that's a laugh)halves were greedy, we were just trying to get by. I specifically gave away easily as much as is old.So one night her man is planning on pulling off a cook in their two bedroom duplex with Grace's mother in the unit directly next door sleeping. Facts become sketchy here. I know she heard a loud noise and looked in her living room walls at the flames climbing up the walls.

Same time, completely different situation and location. Although I couldn't stand the bitch, Derricks little trick. She had come to town for God knows why and the minute she hit town, climbed in my pocket and wherefore I went so went she. While she was in town Grace and I learned from Goldilocks, (her boyfriend) that a very close friend of many people was about to get busted and no one moved a muscle. That's an other story. The morning before the fire, I had gone to Dallas to score. I got a call from Nastyshanks telling me to buy every grain I could find, that it was all sold in Galveston. So I spent every penny on the shit thinking to sprint into Galveston, sell out,  run back to Dallas, reup then go back to my home turf........... Not so said the dope gods. "It's your turn to pull a rabbit out of a hat. Before trying to drive myself that far,  I had recruited one of Derrick's yard- dogs to drive me while I mapped. It didn't require a huge amount of time before I was aware that something was amiss. But I'd been awake about 36hrs  and thought it might be my exhaustion. SO I didn't say anything but his bizarre behavior just got worse.  He couldn't watch where we we're headed because he was too busy watching behind us. Finally I said quite loudly "What in the hell is wrong with you. You're gonna kill both of us. Your skitzing your brains out. When did you last sleep and how long? " he replied "Umm I slept a couple of hours about four days ago. " Great I thought I was getting a safer driver than myself,  not so. I made him pull over and I -got in the driver's seat.  I'd gotten a couple of hours of sleep on the way down and was feeling better. After getting directions we found -the rundown,  questionable motel, especially when the hotel clerk asked me if I wanted a room by the hour or overnight. "No thanks,  we are just visiting someone." We got to her room and went in and I sat in a tired old chair beside a little round table. The room was dimly lit by a lone light bulb struggling to illuminate the dingy room. "Well baller, you can call your people and tell them to come on. " She was nervously peeping out the window. I repeated myself. She finally came over and said "Can we do some now? " I hesitated for a minute then said "Nastyshanks, your people, can't you get in touch with them? " She said "OK, what do we do next? " I simply stared at her with a bad feeling in my gut. "Do you or don't you have some of this shit sold? " I asked "Oh that, well I got fired from that "modeling" job cuz i was asking everyone if they wanted some shit cuz I had a lot coming into town". I let my head fall forward in utter dismay. How..... Why?  What would make me spend everything but 75ΒΆ of my money based on ANY-BODY'S word much less the word of a feinding hooker? I pressed her asking "Do you mean you don't know even one person with $20 to spend?" She shook her empty head no. "And you don't have any money at all,  is -that right? " She nodded. "Well" I said "Your not a very good hooker, are you? " the yarddog jumped in with "Can't you see she's really afraid?  Look at her. " I thought a minute then said "Would some dope help honey? " I asked sympathically.  She paused in her window peeping and after a couple seconds said "Maybe." "Well better pick your curb well then cuz you aren't even going to look at what I brought you, you bobble headed idliot.  Do you realize the throwed off situation you have put me in? I am broke and need gas to even leave this motel much less to drive four hours to get home."She said "I'm sorry.  It was so easy last week when I was in town with you last week ." "that was in MY HOMETOWN WHERE I KNOW EVERYBODY I NEED TO KNOW!! " I had gotten loud."Well I'm going to sleep since I don't know what else to do. " and I fell across the bed after duct taping everything including cigarettes to my belly. Hey it's ugly but necessary. Some places you have to put your shoes under your head in order to have them when you got up. Even then you better not sleep to hard. I slept deeply and into the night. When I awoke I felt physically better, hungry but better. I bought a candy bar with my 75ΒΆ and ate it all without any guilt. Finally in desperation I dug through my laundry in my trunk and found a couple of items of clothing that I could return them to the large retail store that I'd bought them at. I got about $15 and that would get me close enough to home that I could offer to pay for them to drive down and bring me enough money to get me home. 

We we're parked right beside a laundromat beside a very busy freeway.  I had gassed up and was telling my useless driver that it was time to go. Nastyshanks was bawling because she didn't know what she was going to do. She was laying it on thick when my phone rang. It was Grace and I could barely understand her.  "Shut up!" I shouted trying to hear and be heard above her snot slinging and traffic. Finally I made out what she was saying. Her duplex and her Mama's next door had been utterly laid to waste by the bomb like explosion from her boyfriend trying to whip up a little something something at night after she'd gone -to bed. You're joking, right? " I said incredulously. Her sobs needed no reply. "So where's the wannabe chef now? And how's your Mom? Will you be able to salvage anything? "I said hopefully. Still sobbing she said almost hysterically "You don't understand. It exploded just like a bomb had been dropped on it. There's nothing,  nothing left but the slab." I was instantly furious with Goldilocks for putting them atp risk like that. For months the ATF dogged Grace's every step to the point where sadly she was called in and told she had missed too much time and the constant questioning of the local, state and federal authorities we're keeping her from her work. Oh yeah she and I we're on the phone together at her most stressful day on record and the hooker made the mistake of whining "I'm just gonna kill myself,  nobody cares". Only the yard dogs speedy action kept her from my determined reach. "I'm SO sorry girl I should be there but I'll be there as soon as possible but first I must help this hooker commit suicide." I was struggling to grab her all the while telling her that I would put her out of everyones misery and just sling her skinny ass right over the fence beside the freeway. "You'll be completely unconscious by the time the third car hits you.  I was utterly serious and the yard dog had seen me pull a gun on more than a few occasions with every intention of firing it. He managed to get her wadded into her pos car,  jumped into the drivers seat and drove her raggedy ghetto ride.  I didn't worry cuz I figured with no gas and no money they'd never reach the city limits,  but like the fishes and the loaves a MIRACLE OCCURED. She somehow with nothing to get it with, she got gas to take her all the way to my neighborhood. Nasty bitch. BUT I'VE PUT ALL THAT BEHIND ME AND SINCERELY WISH HER NO ILL WINDS. I believe strongly in karma these days. Whatsoever you sow, so you shall reap. I try to help every person I come into contact with. I've known some ugly people,  ugly from the inside out. Killers.Now I try to find the site of they're gushing wound. Well it's late, hope someone out there can draw strength from my chaotic life. I'm a survivor, an overcomer, a soldier in the war on addiction. Thank you for your time.