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Acceptance is the Answer

Posted by on in Alcoholism
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“When I stopped living in the problem and began living in the answer, the problem went away”

The remedy for fear, anxiety, anger, resentment, and insecurity; acceptance is the answer to almost every problem. Acceptance, in theory, may seem like a simple enough principle. In reality, practicing acceptance is a difficult challenge that may require dedicated plan of action. Discover why acceptance is so crucial to living a serene life, especially for those in recovery from addiction. And more importantly, find out how you can start incorporating it into your own life today.



What is Acceptance?

On a basic level acceptance means ceasing to resist or fight ourselves, others, and the world around us. It is often called a spiritual goal, with the focus being to express oneself in a way that brings self and others into harmony or union. Unfortunately there are various things in life that challenge our ability to be accepting. Prejudices, judgments, fears, and hatred are obstacles to living in harmony with ourselves and all of our relationships. The goal of acceptance is to get past these obstacles and transcend our differences. All relationships are an opportunity to overcome separation and division, to experience connection and harmony.

The opposite side of the coin is rejection, which is a resistance of struggle with ourselves and our relationships. We find flaws in every person and complain about the situations in our life, dwelling on the negative aspects of this world. Our mind focuses on what is wrong with the world and we are in a continual disturbed state. We think, “if only everyone would do what I asked, it would all work out fine!” We seek to control, manipulate, or exploit the situations and people in our life. We become aggravated when things don’t work out like we expect. Living in this mindset can cause various problems and make the difference between a frustrating existence and a joyful one.

Learning Acceptance

The first step in practicing acceptance is to detect when we are disturbed or irritated. “When I am disturbed, it is because I find some person, place, thing, or situation-some fact of my life-unacceptable to me”. When we start to feel anger, resentment, or pity for ourselves, it is often an opportunity to practice acceptance. Driving in bad traffic is a great place to try and practice acceptance. If you focus on the traffic and think of all the negatives or how late it will make you, your peace of mind will suffer. Acceptance is about accepting the situation as being exactly the way it is supposed to be at the moment. Instead of concentrating on what needs to be changed in the world, we can look at what needs to be changed in ourselves and our attitudes.

Trying to change other peoples behavior or our society is a pointless effort. Most of the time we will fail, resulting in anger and frustration. Instead, if we practice acceptance, we become like a magnet, our pleasantness, warmness, and open-heartedness attract similar responses from others.

When we begin to make acceptance a part of our lives, wonderful things can happen. Character defects like impatience, aggression, anxiety, and prejudice can vanish. Being accepting at all times is impossible, even the most spiritual people still get frustrated and slip up. However when we make a dedicated effort to progressing and follow it up with action, we start feeling a new sense of calm and peace. All of a sudden the world isn’t such an awful place to live. Our loud neighbors aren’t as annoying as we thought. Waiting in traffic ceases to be a huge inconvenience. Whether its an issue with others or our inner-selves, acceptance is the answer to all our problems.


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