Journey and Ramblings of Recovery by Author, Catherine Lyon . . .

I continue my recovery from my book "Addicted To Dimes" and information about my Addicted Compulsive Gambling, Childhood trauma & abuse, Dark family secrets, Recovery, and I ADVOCATE for those who can not, who have no voice, who suffer from Mental & Emotional illness & disorders. Gambling addiction is REAL, and it destroys lives. I have no ill will towards those who can gamble normally, but I many others can NOT. It's time we talk, inform, educate, and SHATTER the STIGMA of those who choose to live life in recovery! And for those who battle these other important topics.

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I live life in recovery, but my "PASSION" is also writing, blogging, authoring more books, and Advocating to help others in recovery. To help educate the public on the dangers of becoming addicted to gambling. I've achieved almost 8 years in recovery. I recently had to relocate from So. Oregon to Sunny Arizona. I've been married to my Soul-Mate for 25 years. I'm a Christian, a Cat Lover, 1/2 Italian and I have a Big Voice! ...LOL.

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I want to THANK "Cate" for helping me have an AWESOME 2013! Being a "Guest Gambling  Recovery Expert here was one of the "Highlights" of my year, right next to becoming a 1st time published author! So I wanted to come wish all my "Recovery Friends" here at "Addictionland" a very *HAPPY NEW YEAR*.....

Each year I do a *Special Recovery Message* on my blog on New Years Eve, in the event someone looking for recovery information happens to wonder over to my Recovery Blog. I want those who still suffer from ANY type od addiction, not just Addicted Compulsive Gambling. I want that person who may feel Alone & Helpless, that SOMEONE truly cares about them, and there is a much "Better Way Of Life" in recovery. So I wanted to come share it here with all of you! And I wish you all a Healthy & Successful Year!

God Bless,
Author, Catherine Townsend-Lyon Now as e-Book for Kindle!


My New Year message is to share a meaningful, positive piece of “Advice.” Many of you know that I live my “Life” in recovery from Addicted Compulsive Gambling and a wee bit too much Alcohol. I just want to say to anyone who happens to wander here to this blog, and your are, or want to have a *Beautiful Life in Recovery*… is and can be DONE! Please visit my Recovery blog, which is also on WordPress at: you will find an excellent “Recovery Resources Pages List” with ALL kinds of recovery help and information to get you started on your *Journey of Recovery.
Addiction is addiction no matter the type. Many of the habits and behaviors are the same. The diseased thinking, having triggers and urges, we use blame, denial, excuses. Relapse’s are the same because no MATTER THE DEMON, drugs, gambling, porn, food, sex, booze, “IT’s All About getting stuck, and sucked in by “THE CYCLE” of the addiction.
There is a lot of *Truth* in the saying, “You keep doing the same thing over and over and over again, EXPECTING a different out come, and it NEVER COMES, it NEVER HAPPENS, it’s the same old “SHIT” time after time.
AREN’T YOU TIRED of feeling sick and tired all time? Those feelings like your all alone in your addiction? As if NO ONE KNOWS how you feel? No ONE understands you? Those crappy, dark, feelings of “HOPELESSNESS”?
TRUST ME, I sure DO! My gambling addiction had me SO OVER THE  EDGE TWICE, that I tried SUICIDE ~ TWICE, that’s how low my life was. How low, dark, and hopeless I felt.
Yes, it will take hard work to attain and stay in recovery, but I can “HONESTLY” tell you it “TRULY” is worth it! YOU are worth a better LIFE! I got tired of chasing something that was never going to be the SAME. I think drug addicts can relate best to this. All your “HIGHS” have NEVER been the same as the First Right? If your honest about it, then you know I’m being HONEST with you.
Most who know me,  know that I won’t or Don’t ”Sugar Coat” Addiction & Recovery.
Sometimes “Tough Honesty” can save a “LIFE”……

So go ahead, contemplate what I’m telling all you addicts, its New Years Eve. Go ahead, take that “FIRST STEP,” and make a “Resolution Tonight,” it’s a better time than any to CHOOSE LIFE.
So instead of screwing the cap off that bottle of Booze, or cracking open that BEER, or smoking that next joint, or poking that NEEDLE in your Arm, or for you addicted gamblers, before you stuff that Poker or Slot machine with more $20′s, or before you sit down to that Poker, or Blackjack table, think about how it would actually feel to walk through all the FEAR you have, to learn WHY you need to USE ADDICTION to hide from old wounds that just won’t stop nagging you?
Just think about living a LIFE FREE from YOUR ADDICTION? Each and every one of us was given a gift.
A GIFT OF CHOICE…..YES, it’s about the choice’s we make. And many times our “OLD PAINS & HURTS” can really turn us upside down. YOU and millions have been given a GIFT from “A Power Greater Then Ourselves”……

A High Power who will be their for you each step of your Recovery Journey, just like he was their With and For me when I took that “FIRST STEP” of a BETTER & BEAUTIFUL LIFE”………..
AND TRUST ME, where I had to LIFT myself up from was not PRETTY. I was laying in an Addiction/Mental Hold and Crisis Center, via the hospital FOR THE 2nd TIME.
When I was released, I had many court dates from POOR CHOICES, ”Criminal Charges” of theft and forgery.
No friends, No Family, even my husband left for a few weeks, because he had ENOUGH. Then jail, probation, and HOURS of community service, OH YEAH, and $$ Restitution!
That’s all I ever got from Addiction. Lost jobs, house, car, money, time I’ll never get back, and it almost COST ME MY LIFE!
So on Jan 29th, 2007 on my Court Sentencing Day, I TOOK MY LIFE BACK!! The rest was all De-Vine INTERVENTION. NO, you don’t have to be Religious, Be Saved, or even be a Christian to reach out for “Recovery,” and to live a beautiful life in recovery, BUT,…….I Wouldn’t recommend It.
Just think of a being, a “Strong Higher Being” in your Life to guide you as you take that 1st very important step in your life into *RECOVERY*
Since I have, I have been blessed in so many ways, there are too many to count. The most exciting and rewarding was becoming a *First Time Published Author* ~ AT 50 years old!! It’s Never To Late to make “DREAMS COME TRUE” in Recovery!
And, this past year has been the best EVER! Meeting so many recovery friends and family who have supported me with my book and my recovery! Many new friends through Social Media, Recovery websites, and more!
I’ve been some what successful as a writer, blogger, and mentor to others who were also STUCK on that “DAMN CYCLE of ADDICTION”!! I have faith in YOU that a year from now in recovery you will NOT BE the same. So why not try something different?
Yes, it will be tough, but it’s better than chasing that drunk, that high, or that big JACKPOT that never comes, and I know that you have the “Courage & Will" to JUST DO IT!
So if Gambling is the monkey on your back? Then come visit my Recovery Blogs Resources Pages, which has many options for FREE Recovery help, websites listed, and important information to get you started in the RIGHT DIRECTION! Here are a few other Websites and information that my help as well: ~ Alcohol ~ NA Drugs ~ Gambling

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline Phone Number 1-800-273-8255


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From: Author, Catherine Lyon
Recovering Addicted Gambler
7 yrs in Recovery on Jan 29th, 2014
1996 to 2007-I was addicted

Dear Addicted Gambling Disease,
It’s time to make amends To ”Myself”……


It has been some time now since we have been together, or had any contact between the two of us. Seeing it’s the Holidays once again, I thought I’d drop a few lines to catch up on the years we have been apart. Things have been going really well for me these past years. Yes, you have crossed my mind through those years, but I just couldn’t bring myself to tell you that it is “Truly” time to “Say Goodbye” forever. Because it hurts for it to be so final….

But we seem to have drifted apart, so this shouldn’t be to difficult for either of us. We have shared, and been through a lot together. With some good times, and NOT so good. Many of those bad memories are pretty tough to forget. Because I didn’t see how you HURT ME in our friendship. I didn’t understand, towards the end of our break up that you could be so CRUEL & Hurtful….WHY?
You don’t understand what I’m talking about? Please, do I have to remind you of all the times you were just an ASS to ME? You really want me to go THERE?


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*Daring to help someone in Crisis*…..

December 13, 2013

Tell us about the time you rescued someone else (person or animal) from a dangerous situation. What happened? How did you prevail?


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"A Recovery Share"

Daily Prompt: Sink or Swim

Tell us about a time when you were left on your own, to fend for yourself in an overwhelming situation — on the job, at home, at school. What was the outcome?…..



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Happy Thanksgiving Addictionland & Recovery Friends & Readers,


As many gather around festive tables this Thanksgiving Day, I wanted to take sometime to think about those in recovery who may not have *FAMILY* to celebrate this day with. I also want to “Share” what I’m “THANKFUL” for in recovery, and in LIFE.


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Hello Addictionland Recovery Friends & Visitors,

So my time here as *The Guest Expert Blogger* for "Gambling Addiction" is coming to a close. So I wanted to take this time to say to all of you who came by my blog here this past Month, a very BIG THANK YOU, for your emails, and your wonderful recovery support! I hope I was able to share info, and educate all who came and took the time to read what I had to say about "Compulsive Addicted Gambling" the disease. Many still just don't see it that way, and is why there is such *STIGMA* around those in recovery from this CUNNING illness & addiction.

Always know you can stop by my own "Recovery Blog" at: and check out my *Recovery Resources Page* as well as my Book/Writer Blog at:
where I show case *FANTASTIC* recovery books, reads, authors, and writers. Along with Featured Stories, Book Reviews, and Guest Authors & Blogggers and websites. I will continue to come here to Addictionland and blog as well. I have learned SO MUCH while being this months Guest Blogger.

For those who are in recovery from addicted gambling, or maybe having a rough time in recovery, there are some "Excellent" websites for help, treatment, and Support. Here are just a few of my favorites I visit OFTEN....

Gamblers Anonymous
Safe Harbor Compulsive Gambling Hub
Author, Marilyn Lancelot "FOR" Female Gamblers *Marilyn has 2 fantastic books out here) and the last website I LUV...
Journal of Gambling issues
Every Wen Night on Twitter is #ADDICTIONCHAT @LUV_Recovery 
6pm Pacific time   9pm Eastern Time That's were I am :-)

Always know, you are NOT ALONE anymore. YOU CAN Recover from any addiction, you just have to take that 1st step,"When we admit to ourselves we have a Problem" then reach out for help, someone will be there for YOU.....

MY *SPECIAL THANK YOU TO "Cate Stevens" for allowing me this wonderful platform to share with all of you, my TRUE & SINCERE message of "HOPE" to others. To be able to give you all an Inside Look of the dangers of becoming addicted to something that was intended for *FUN & Entertainment*....but SADLY for some of us, IT IS NOT.

So CATE, from my *HEART* to YOURS, I Appreciated the invite to be a guest here, and call on me ANYTIME if I can be of *Recovery Service* to you and the Fantastic members here on "Addictionland"....May God Bless You All!

Warm Regards,
Author, Catherine Townsend-Lyon :-)

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Hello Addictionland Friends & New Visitors,

Here is what the last 4 days have been like for me. There wer BIG UPs and Some Downs, and I'm tired, so I'm sharing my Todays Blog Post Via my Recovery Blog.

The *TWINS* have Arrived & More!

Posted on October 26, 2013 by Author Catherine Townsend-Lyon
OH HAPPY DAY Recovery Friends & New Visitors!,


Twins! Finally. Just in time. I had to leave.

One Boy…”Mark Fredrick Lake”  & One Girl…”Bella Lake

”They got here EARLY, as they were to be born on Oct 30th by C-Section, but they came Sat. morning! My wonderful nephew Mark Lake and his wife Rosalia are the proud parents of a new baby girl & boy ”TWINS”…

I can not WAIT to go visit and spend “Thanksgiving” with my nephew Mark Lake and his family, and get my hands on those “Bundles of Joys”!!  My HEART is going to “BURST” with all the Happiness inside ME right NOW!

Now a little bit of *Ramblings*….

I just thought I would “MIX IT UP” and just ramble about a few “Thoughts & Things” rolling around in my Heart & Head!….LOL…

To start, many of you know about our *Sticky* living situation since having to relocate from So. Oregon to Arizona, and HAPPY to inform everyone my hubby & I are Apartment/ Small house hunting! We have put in a few applications in on some places that are NOW Available, so just waiting to here back.

The night before was another ABUSIVE, World War 3 going on,  and we JUST STAYED IN OUR little DUNGEON. Don’t move in with family unless YOU know what your fully walking into as we were NOT told what goes on around here before we left Oregon.

I JUST DON’T GET why families keep “Dirty Little Secrets” about family abusive behaviors??  Yes, I know, I know, just get over it, but it’s damn hard to when there is *CRAZY* going on around you 24/7. The last two incidents have been over a lawn chair, and the youngest sister had a “Mental Breakdown” in the driveway, after over hearing a conversation with me, my hubby and his older sister that is helping us financially to get into a place.

AND YES, there IS NO WHERE to have a private conversation in this HOUSE!! The younger sister got so mad and worked up, they took her to ER and they admitted her into the hospital. Mental hold. ALL this over a Lawn chair and a conversation that SHE WAS NOT A PART OF, & had nothing to do with HER...

I, as a Writer & Blogger, I have had NO DESIRE since we walked in this house to “WRITE” and to finish my 2 book projects, so THIS needs to CHANGE FAST! But on a serious note, some things have escalated to the point that we need to be out of this environment. It is hard to have to see your family like this. It also compounds itself, because we have not spent much time around either side of our families for long periods of time. That’s what makes it more *SAD* to know when our parents pass away, you just don’t know how the GROWN Children are going to behave, or interact when our parents are gone. IN OUR CASE, Poorly.
I don’t get any  ”JOY” out of talking about are families, but BLOGGING is the ONLY release that has kept me SANE, I have to vent and get my feelings out.In the past when I was still compulsively gambling , I’d have used “ALL this CRAZINESS” to my “Selfish Benefit” and as an excuse to run and escape from it all by a few hours of gambling!!

Blogging is a HELL of a lot CHEAPER!

After 6+yrs in recovery, I think I’m entitled to some *Freedom of Speech* about how I feel, and how all this has affected me. Many times LIFE is never what we expect. The whole move thing was hard on me with the Bipolar 2, anxiety, depression and Agoraphobia, but then to get here and walk into an even worse and stressful family dynamic is even worse than the move.

It’s like the longest *Trial* the lord has put upon us.BUT YOU KNOW WHAT?…..I’m not going to FAULTER…..NOW WAY!!
The man upstairs can keep adding it on, and I WON’T CRACK!  WHY?…..Because the lord taught us that no matter how bad things get, know matter “HOW ROUGH THE SEA’S ARE”, there is always a “BLESSING” AT THE END.  So I Pray, I bide my time, and bite my tongue, as the lord will see us through all this.

It’s also what recovery has given me as well. The tools & skills I have learned, and the *FANTASTIC SUPPORT FRIENDS* I have, DO play a major role in my life and recovery. And they include ALL OF YOU here who follow and visit my blog.
Many know I don’t like ADVICE SUGAR COATED, especially when it’s matters of LIFE & RECOVERY. You know any advice given by all of you is always well taken and appreciated. Giving it to me Straight. I hold no GRUDGE, because sometimes the TRUTH can STING, and that’s OK.

SORRY, I told you all I had a lot of *RAMBLINGS* to get out and off my chest!! So I’ll close with saying a “BIG THANK YOU” from my HEART to ALL of yours, for always being here for me with a Shoulder to Lean on, and an Ear to LISTEN to all my LIFE & RECOVERY RAMBLINS!!

GOD BLESS ALL & Have a Great Week Everyone,
Author, Catherine Townsend-Lyon

"Addicted To Dimes" (Confessions of a liar and a Cheat)

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Hello Recovery Friends & New Visitors,

As a regular person in recovery for almost 7 years, I'm baffled on HOW many different views there are about addicted gambling. It really can be a bit confusing to those seeking Recovery. I say this because as I work on two follow-up books I'm currently writing, I do a lot of research from Blogs, Websites, and rely on Google Search A LOT. If you happen to Google "Facts" about addicted gambling, you get MANY views of What it's about, and How to treat the illness. So I thought I'd share a few of the "OPINIONS" out there about this addiction. They first is from a "MEDICAL VIEW" about this cunning addiction, and in the very 1st paragraph, it calls this addiction a, "Mental-Health problem", which I seem to STRONGLY disagree with.......


What is a gambling addiction?

Gambling addiction is a *mental-health problem* that is understood to be one of  many kinds of impulse-control problems a person may suffer from. The types of  gambling that people with this disorder might engage in are as variable as the  games available. Betting on sports, buying lotto tickets, playing poker, slot  machines, or roulette are only a few of the activities in which compulsive  gamblers engage. The venue of choice for individuals with gambling addiction  varies as well. While many prefer gambling in a casino, the rate of online/Internet  gambling addiction continues to increase with increased use of the Internet. Gambling addiction is also called compulsive gambling or pathological gambling.

Estimates of the number of people who gamble socially qualify for being  diagnosed with a gambling addiction range from 2%-5%, thereby  affecting millions of people in the United States alone. Although more men than  women are thought to suffer from pathological gambling, women are developing  this disorder at higher rates, now making up as much as 25% of individuals with  pathological gambling. Other facts about compulsive gambling are that men tend  to develop this disorder during their early teenage years while women tend to  develop it later.


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Hello Addictionland friends & new visitors,

Sometimes it can be rare to find wonderful friends along our path in life, but can be a Wee Bit rarer when we find Good Supportive friends in Recovery from "Addicted Compulsive Gambling".....So when I do meet new people in recovery, I'm blessed and I cherish those relationships. So I wanted to tell you about my good friend, and fantastic recovery Author, *Marilyn Lancelot*.....

Marilyn and I have been friends for a bit over a year, and I have to tell you, she has always been there for me with a ear to listen, and a shoulder to lean on when I need recovery support, encouragement, and More! She truly has done so much for other women recovering from addicted gambling. So here is more about my good friend, and her book & reviews. *Catherine*

Gripped by Gambling

Click on: YouTube Video for a glimpse into the addictionAlso available in Kindle edition.

One weekend on my way home from work, the numbers on my odometer read 77,776.7 miles. Because the driveway to my house was circular, I could drive around until the odometer reached all 7's. With each trip around the yard, the odometer added one tenth of a mile.

With my heart pounding, I raced around the circle, spinning gravel into the air while my grand-kids waved from the front porch. When the odometer reached the magic number and rolled over to six sevens, I slammed on the brakes and ran into the house screaming, “Tommie, come quick and see what happened . . . there’s six sevens on the odometer, three for you and three for me.” I twirled around the kitchen and yelling, “Let’s hit the road! Right now!” Anything with seven in it was good luck, street signs, license plates, billboards and even adding page numbers in a book. But this sign was special because it had six of the lucky numbers...

Even as I drove down the streets in Yuma, I watched for cars with license plates with sevens in them, or if all the numbers in the license plate added up to a seven, it meant good luck. Or if there was a twenty-one in the number, I could divide it by three and then I had three sevens. I believed in lucky jewelry, especially my crystals and lucky clothes, like my red blouse...

Your can visit her website for Help, and Information at: & Purchase her book at:

*Marilyn has done some Generous work in many of the ARIZONA STATE *Womens Prisons & Womens Correctional Institues to bring Relief for women who are addicted gamblers. Marilyn was successful in starting *Gamblers Anonymous Meetings* for these women to find Recovery while being incarcerated.

Her book "Gripped by Gambling" is also HER PERSONAL STORY of addicted compulsive gambling. On her website above, you can really get a look and get INSIGHT as how Women Gamble for many different reasons than Men.

What this woman endured is an INSPIRATION to many of us! Here is my Review on her book, "Gripped by Gambling".....


I have to say the I was captivated by the info on this authors book to begin with. It said how a woman, in front of her family and grand kids had police and Federal police came to her home and took her away in hand cuffs!!

WELL, that was all I needed to want to read her True Story and experience of late in Life and finding yourself in the middle of a full blown Compulsive Addicted Gambling Addiction! She shares her time and experience in Prison, and how NOW she helps many other women still in Prison, and they have Gamblers Anonymous meetings to help them all through the State of Arizona!

This book is not ONLY a must read for others touched by Gambling Addiction, but for the Insights it holds about the Disease that the Public needs to be aware of!

Great Job Marilyn, and THANK YOU for your Friendship and Recovery Support!

Now here is one more REVIEW by I feel from a Professional who understands about Addicted Compulsive Gambling ~ and is a review from Amazon/Books.


A review by Don Hulen:

Finally! A book about a woman compulsive gambler, an Escape Gambler. Thank you Marilyn. If you or someone you know has a gambling problem and that person is a woman or just plays slot machines you need to read this book. It is real. When I finally got a copy I read it from beginning to end. I am ADHD, and that is the first time in probably 30 years I have done that.

It isn't about flipping coins when you were seven or eight, betting on the ponies, playing dice or the numbers. It isn't about craps, poker or blackjack. Its a book about a woman who couldn't stop gambling. I will say it again, couldn't stop gambling. Every counselor who treats or pretends to treat Escape Compulsive gambling should read this book and have a copy in their library for required reading by patients. I have read many of the books written by problem/compulsive gamblers. I have read many of the articles written about problem gamblers...

The majority are about men who gambled huge amounts and seem to glorify their gambling. Marilyn has written about the pain, the real pain she caused her children, her grandchildren her lover and her sister, her victim as well as herself. Witting about these experiences while pointing the finger directly at yourself is a very difficult thing to do. I know, I can't seem to do it.

I was there in the court room when they slapped the handcuffs on her and took her to prison while her children and grandchildren were crying. I was there when her boyfriend died. I was there when her son died. I was there when her grandson who is now in prison was the lead story on the news. I was there when her daughter finally got straight. I was there when she started a meeting for women (despite adverse consequences). I was there when some of us didn't really accept women into our program but she insisted on coming and changed our program forever.

Its been over sixteen years since I met Marilyn, I thought I knew something about women gamblers, I didn't know anything until I read her book.

Don Hulen, Executive Director, Arizona Council on Compulsive Gambling

*I hope you will take time to Read & Leave a Review fro her on  Amazon and it truly is WORTH A READ!

God Bless All,...*Author Catherine Townsend-Lyon :-)


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Hello Recovery Friends, Readers, & New Visitor’s,

I happened to get a Very Important Email today from my “PAL Les Bernal” and felt I needed to *SHARE* it in the *SPIRIT* of Educating the public about MY addiction I’m recovering from for almost 7 years now. Compulsive Addicted Gambling Addiction is a
REAL Addiction & Disease….

Many DON’T know, with ALL the Indian Casino’s popping up all over the United States, and many individual States NOW allowing there STATE LOTTERY to have Slot Style Machines, just like the one’s that were EVERYWHERE in my home STATE of OREGON, and you find in Las Vegas and Atlantic City.


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