Journey and Ramblings of Recovery by Author, Catherine Lyon . . .

I continue my recovery from my book "Addicted To Dimes" and information about my Addicted Compulsive Gambling, Childhood trauma & abuse, Dark family secrets, Recovery, and I ADVOCATE for those who can not, who have no voice, who suffer from Mental & Emotional illness & disorders. Gambling addiction is REAL, and it destroys lives. I have no ill will towards those who can gamble normally, but I many others can NOT. It's time we talk, inform, educate, and SHATTER the STIGMA of those who choose to live life in recovery! And for those who battle these other important topics.

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I live life in recovery, but my "PASSION" is also writing, blogging, authoring more books, and Advocating to help others in recovery. To help educate the public on the dangers of becoming addicted to gambling. I've achieved almost 8 years in recovery. I recently had to relocate from So. Oregon to Sunny Arizona. I've been married to my Soul-Mate for 25 years. I'm a Christian, a Cat Lover, 1/2 Italian and I have a Big Voice! ...LOL.

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Hello and Welcome Recovery Friends and Visitors,

"It's has been some time since I have posted an update about all the 'happenings' that I have been involved with in regards to my recovery from gambling addiction, sharing a little about my mental health challenges, and my recovery writing. I really try hard to get over here and blog for all of you as often as I can. So I thought, with all the new "hats" I have been wearing lately, I would bring you all up to date. Lol.

So I will start by sharing my new and improved Author Bio which explains some of the new and exciting things that have been "blessings" and new opportunities in my recovery journey. I feel sharing is a way to show that when you work hard on your recovery, the rewards can be many!"

About Me:

Catherine Townsend-Lyon is the best selling TKG author of her shocking debut book titled; "Addicted To Dimes, Confessions of a Liar and a Cheat." Both are an in-depth raw, and without prose look inside gambling addiction as she takes readers on a journey of other topics that 'touched' her life, starting as a little girl into adulthood.  Some children are not raised in an "angelic environment." Book is available in paperback and ebook on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Addicted Minds.

She had taken a dark path, trying to elude the past childhood pain of those traumatic events. She began using gambling as a coping skill and escape into a "dream world" to forget, if only for a few hours from the haunting memories of her childhood sex abuse, parental verbal and physical abuse, and lived with undiagnosed mental/emotional illness for years. Shaping the "perfect storm, she became addicted to gambling. And toward the end alcohol abuse. Gambling, a form of fun and entertainment became her worst nightmare and almost took her life, twice.

Now in recovery nearly ten years, Catherine has become well known in the addiction/recovery communities and is a loud advocate of gambling addiction, mental health, and advocates to stop expansions of Indian Casinos and State Lottery offerings across America. She has been a recovery guest on several 'blog talk and radio' shows sharing her message and advocacy, and she has a large social media and blog following.

Catherine's featured in many media and recovery publications like Columbia University's media release article through the 2x2 ~"Gambling with America's Health." And most recently for "Time Magazine online coming in Sept 2016." She currently writes a column for " In Recovery Magazine " ~The Author's Cafe" and is a freelance writer for " Keys To Recovery Newspaper "
She is also an "Expert Gambling Recovery Blogger" for "Addictionland," of Founder/Author, Cate Stevens along with other recovery experts along like Christopher Lawford Kennedy and Patty Powers.

Catherine currently lives in sunny Arizona and So. Oregon. She is married to her husband, Tom for 27 years. She is a 'Cat Lover' and has three, Miss Princess, Mr. Boots, and Simon Peter. She enjoys reading, cooking, gardening, and swimming. She owns and runs an online book promotions business called: " Lyon Book Promotions  and promotes for many authors across social media.
She is currently finishing her second and third books due out late 2016 and early 2017.

Catherine can be reached by email: 

#      #          #          #

So that is a little of what I have been up to. I also still blog my recovery journey over on my own blog which has also blossomed now with more posts, featured "Hot Recovery Books" list and Guest Interviews and Articles. So stop there anytime: Gambling Recovery Starts Here. I am happy to see more sites and publications now including Gambling Addiction as a feature and gives me a new platform to raise awareness and educate the public about the dangers of this addiction and Real Disease.  Until next post recovery friends!

Be Blessed and ODAAT! "-)  *Cat Lyon* XO

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Hello  and Welcome Friends in Recovery,

So, where do I begin, as my last was Jan 2016, and so much has been going on. I had been writing articles for Addicted Minds treatment directory, but ended up giving that up because I was hired by a premier recovery magazine called; In Recovery Magazine - The Bookstand ... I write a column titled; "The Author's Cafe" and handle all the recovery author interviews. I also find great recovery books and authors who write them to advertise their book, films, and Apps into our mag. It has been a fun experience thus far and my first column debuted last month. AND? My first author, I interviewed and wrote about? It is Mr. Arnie Wexler and his New Book,  Arnie Wexler, All Bets Are OFF ...

It was an Honor to have Arnie as we all know he and Shelia have helped many from gambling addiction! I am also a new article writer for a fantastic recovery newspaper as well. Over at Keys To Recovery newspaper... It is a free publication for all recovery people to enjoy and has so much helpful info in it. I am also putting the finishing touch's on my second book, but I still am having a hard time with a working title still. My current book out, Addicted To Dimes, Confessions of a Liar and a Cheat is still selling 
really well. I am so happy as it really gives readers an in-depth look at how gambling addiction can devastate people's lives.


Product Details 


Here is my most recent Amazon 5-star review and this reader really "got" why I wrote my book.


Brave and Honest"

on June 29, 2016
Addicted to Dimes was a very real and painful history of what it is like to lose yourself to an addiction. The hard road thru recovery and finding out what caused her to be broken in the first place. I felt sad for the criticized daughter that had lost her self-worth. The story is not a chance to blame other people for the addiction but a chance to explain that all of the internal and outer conflicts worked together to cause what she called the perfect storm.

Catherine is quick to offer helpful advice to those suffering from this type of addiction or any addiction at all.

I felt for Catherine and Tom, for their marriage that struggled during this time and for the strength they had to work through it.
The writing was obviously painful to rehash the history that led to the bad decisions and the hurtful deterioration of her family life. It is a brave thing to put this out there for strangers to read and hopefully not judge too harshly her honesty.

I give the writing a 5-star rating because the story does draw you in and allows you into the most private moments and feelings of a dysfunctional family and the lasting effects of that past. I am glad that when Catherine wrote this she was in a stable part of her recovery and is an outgoing champion for others that are on the road to recovery   "A much-needed book and highly suggest this one!"

I am very proud of this review. I am also "humbled and grateful" that I have not received anything lower than s 4-Stars. What an AWESOME Legacy to
leave behind for all those who suffer or will suffer from this cunning disease called: "Addicted Compulsive Gambling" ....  Please stop my recovery blog for MORE helpful advice and resources if you or a loved one struggles with gambling. "Gambling Addiction Is Real - Recovery Starts Here" 

Author & Columnist, Catherine Lyon 

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Hello and Happy New Year Recovery Friends,

Now I know it has been a long while since my last post. Things have been very busy in my recovery world lately! LOL. That will be what my Next Blog post will be all about. Today I liked to share some interesting info about gambling addiction and suicide. And it is no secret for those who have read my memoir/book titled; that I had my own experiences with gambling addiction and attempted failed suicides. Many don't realize that currently gambling addiction has the highest rate than any other addiction. 

So I thought I would share a little of an article I read about this topic. It has astonishing facts and stats about gambling addiction and more. I hope it helps many and those who don't understand what gambling addiction os like. IT IS a Real Disease and very devastaing. I know, I went through it myself.  .  .

Featured Guest Post By: Chris WrightThe Fix …

“Gambling Can Kill You Faster Than Drug Abuse or Alcoholism.” 1 in 5 problem gamblers try to kill themselves. Why gambling may be the most dangerous addiction of all.”

Of all the destructive habits in the world, gambling would seem to be one of the more benign. It doesn’t blow out your liver. It won’t make your nose cave in. Even after the most appalling run of bad luck, you can be reasonably sure that you won’t be carted away, having expired with a mouth full of vomit. No harm done. It’s only money.
You can keep telling yourself this until the moment you kick the chair out from under you.
For the majority of addictions, how much you spend is regulated by how much the body can endure. There is only so much heroin, cocaine or vodka you can consume before you end up in a hospital or a morgue. Gambling is subject to no such constraints. “The amount of financial devastation you can wreak plays a big role in this,” says Keith Whyte, the NCPG Executive Director. “You can bet $50,000 in a single hand, every minute.”

Suicide rates among gambling addicts are staggeringly high. The National Council on Problem Gambling (NCPG) has estimated that one in five problem gamblers attempt to kill themselves, about twice the rate of other addictions. The reasons for this fact are both blindingly simple and impossibly complicated. And the central befuddling fact is this: Gambling kills you because it doesn’t kill you.

Scholars of addiction point out that problem gamblers are subject to a slew of messy contributing factors and associative disorders. “We’ve known for a long time that problem gambling is not a standalone issue,” says Dr. Rachel Volberg, President of Gemini Research, which conducts gambling-related studies. “Problem gamblers are likely to have other substance abuse issues, usually alcohol and tobacco. Depression and anxiety are also prevalent among problem gamblers.”



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Hello Recovery Friends and Welcome New Visitors,

I happened to see a new visitor come by my blog and he was reading an old blog post on my personal recovery blog.  It was way over a year ago and got me thinking of how far I have come as a writer, author, blogger and recovery advocate. So I thought I would re-share this post, as it deals with a question that I know everyone has thought about before. I would love to read your comments and thoughts about this, so don’t be shy! And NO, I haven't had a gambling relapse! LOL.  It is a 'Dream' I think everyone has had, and we all have to have some sort of a dream in life right?
Well this dream and question has been a dream for MANY. . . . 

“OK, You’ve just won $1 billion dollars in your States Lottery. You do not have to pay tax on your winnings. What would YOU do and how would you spend the money?"

Now of course many of you know already I don’t Gamble . . . .
And I don’t want to be a “Debbie Downer” for all the rest of you fabulous people who enjoy spending a little for a chance at your piece of a fortune. Sadly, the odds of winning a lottery win-fall is so great that you would most likely have a better chance at getting hit by lighting, then you would winning a “State Lottery Draw Jackpot” . . .

Powerball officials say, “What are your chances of winning? A quick look at the Powerball website tells you the probability of winning the jackpot is 1 in 175,223,510. To see where that number comes from, imagine purchasing every number combination.”



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As we celebrate our freedoms and independence today, we know that addiction and recovery has been around almost as long as we have been celebrating it in America.
So I thought it would be interesting to go back and see just how much Gambling in America has changed and expanded as well. I'm sure our fore fathers found a way to have some
fun with gambling in one way or another, we just didn't know about it. Well, . . . . they surely would never have shared it in any History Books that's for sure! So lets go back about 50
years, or around 1968 and before, to what was available then in offerings of gambling. Then will look at what is out there today and see just how much far gambling has some.
Then maybe you can understand WHY it is difficult for those in Recovery from Gambling Addiction to Stay in recovery when gambling offerings are everywhere and growing. . .

Gambling Offerings & Recovery Services In & Before 1968:



NO Off Track Betting


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Hello Recovery Friends, Readers, and Donors,

"Finding Our Way Back Home"

I think my last update was  bit short, and forgot to finish what I was sharing!! Well, my AADD is still alive and well. It is a daily challenge sometimes living with Mental health issues, and more challenging living in recovery and being 'dual diagnosed. I'm happy to say book 2 is almost ready to go!

I'm also happy to say that my current book is still selling well, but to me? It is spreading the word and informing others through my book about gambling addiction the disease! I also received more 5 star Amazon & Barnes and Noble Book Reviews! WOW!

I have some awesome news! A couple of events I have been invited to and excited to share them! First, in June 2015, I will be "Recovery Guest" on Blog Talk Radio! I will pass along the links and times as soon as I get them, so you all can tune in and listen.


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Hello Recovery Friends and Welcome All New Visitors,


I have been excited to share my thoughts and review about my good friend, Arnie Wexler, Author and his new book  titled;  All Bets Are Off . . .

What can I say about Arnie Wexler that I haven’t already told you back in a guest post here in November 2014? I can tell you his new book is an excellent read if you enjoy reading about
“Triumph In Recovery” . . .

Arnie Wexler has done an exceptional job with this new book about what his life was like when addicted to gambling. But he also shares a wealth of helpful info as well, as he and his wonderful wife, Sheila Wexler help many to recovery from this devastating disease. I like to call Arnie, ‘The Grandfather of Recovery’ from addicted gambling.


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Hello Recovery Friends, and Welcome All,

We all know how hard it can be to live life in recovery from gambling addiction, or from any addiction quite frankly. But, many of also live with other daily challenges in recovery as well.
Sitting in the rooms of GA, it seems to be more common now that many of us also have "Dual Diagnosis" . . .  Meaning, we maybe recovering from 2 or more addictions, or like myself, I live in recovery and battle Mental/Emotional health disorders as well. And this can be pretty challenging on some days. So I thought I would share a 'freelance recovery article' I was invited to write for a rehab website about this topic. It also seems to becoming the norm that many addicts are also now becoming addicted to gambling as they try to use gambling as a "quick source of fast money" to indulge in
what ever their TRUE addiction is. Maybe they gambling to make a fast buck to score more drugs, or buy the alcohol they so desperately want to feed their addiction? 

But now these same people end up with a dual addictions because they get hooked on gambling. But most importantly, my experience is with addiction and living with mental illness. And one of my disorders is a direct effect of my past compulsive gambling. So here is more on this topic and article share. . . . .


So how does one recover from gambling addiction while living with mental illness? It can be difficult and a bumpy ride, but it can be done. I did it, and am doing it, and you can too! A personal share of what life was like. . .

“All I remember is waking up in the hospital. I heard people talking about me saying, when the police came to my home, there were knives all around me on the couch and floor of my living-room. Then I blacked out again.” “I woke up next in a mental/addiction crisis center with my wrists wrapped, feeling very sick to my stomach, and remained there for the next 14 days” . . .

This is where my recovery and behavioral health journey began. To be able to recover from gambling addiction, and while there, I was diagnosed with bipolar ll with severe depression, mild mania with anxiety, PTSD, and many negative behavioral habits I had picked up in my many years of addicted gambling.

See, I was suffering undiagnosed mental illness for years without ever knowing it. And I turned to addicted gambling and alcohol abuse to zone out & cope by wanting to not feel the hurt and pains I had not processed. That day, I was supposed to be attending my best friend’s funeral and celebration of life! Well, instead, I had a very bad gambling binge/slip that almost cost me my life. Many ask me, “How can you just waste your money like that? I tell them, “it’s not about the money, it’s about the disease of gambling addiction, and the bad choices and behaviors that comes with it”. . . “that it is not about the money wasted, gambling addiction almost cost me my life by  way of 2 failed suicides.”

So what is Gambling Addiction?

There are many definitions for problem and gambling addiction. Some claim it’s a mental health disorder, some say it’s a cognitive behavioral issue, and even some say it’s an impulse control problem. From personal experience, it was all three and more. But all gambling behavior patterns that compromise, disrupt or damage personal, family or vocational pursuits is a gambling addiction. The essential features are increasing preoccupation with gambling, a need to bet more money more frequently, restlessness or irritability when attempting to stop, “chasing” losses, and loss of control manifested by continuation of the gambling behavior in spite of mounting, serious, negative consequences. In extreme cases, problem gambling can result in financial ruin, legal problems, loss of career and family, or even suicide.
And I experienced all of the above. I was sick.


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Hello Gambling Recovery Friends and New Visitors,


It is that time of year again for me to help CELEBRATE, EDUCATE, INFORM, and ADVOCATE alongside my friends at The National Council on Problem Gambling to share and raise awareness about problem and addicted gambling!

Being in recovery from addicted gambling myself for over 8 yrs now, these fine people have helped many afflicted by problem or addicted gambling, and have helped many, many families too. So I join them each year, and share in Raising Awareness of this devastating problem and addiction . . . .


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Hello Recovery Friends and Welcome New Visitors,

Sometimes in recovery we can feel a little down. And there is nothing more that gets under my skin is how others can treat people who live in recovery that have NO compassion or understanding what it is like. And yes, STIGMA has still been hanging around for sometime in our society, and I'm sure it will still be around when I'm gone. But it sure would be nice for a change for those who "feel the need to judge others" to please just give it REST every now and then. Is this to much to ask for?  Here is how I feel about people like this, "You need to look within yourselves and fix what YOUR problem is before you think you have the right to JUDGE OTHERS". . . . .


Quotes Picture: don't judge my path, if you haven't walked my journey




YES,. . . . It’s Just That Simple! Please Don’t Judge Me or Others Who Live In Recovery From Gambling Addiction!


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