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Daniel D. Maurer was an ordained Lutheran minister in western North Dakota for eleven years. After falling hard in depression and addiction, Daniel found sobriety in the power of the Twelve Steps. Today, he is a freelance writer and speaker; he lives openly in recovery. Daniel is the author of Sobriety: A Graphic Novel (Hazelden, Nov 2014) the exciting new resource illustrating Twelve Step principles through the creative punch of comics. He also freelances for several national publications and is the co-author of the upcoming book Faraway: A Suburban Boy's Story as a Victim of Sex Trafficking (Hillcrest Media, Mar 2015). He lives with his wife and two boys in Saint Paul, Minnesota. For more information, visit:

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The Retreat: Not Just for Weekends Anymore, by Daniel D. Maurer



b2ap3_thumbnail_retreat_bullshit.jpgWhen I first got married, my wife and I moved to a tiny hamlet in eastern Montana. It was her hometown and she had a job at a local community college teaching public speaking. My job was at a rinky-dink bank playing customer service rep and twiddling my thumbs in the back room pretending to work with the computers. It wasn’t bad, but definitely not a dream job. At least I had plenty of time after work to drink when wifey was off teaching in the evenings.

We belonged to a church where my wife had been baptized as a baby and where the two of us were married. I had aspirations to one day become a pastor in the denomination we belonged to, so I endeavored to act as if any and all church-related activities were compulsory.


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Jeremiah Gardner of Hazelden Betty Ford and Daniel D. Maurer (formerly of Williston, ND now in Saint Paul, MN) share their perspective that life after recovery, after quitting drinking and drugging, doesn't stink. In fact, life is just beginning.



You like this one. Enjoy!

Dan the Story Man


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NeverEnding Emails—The Transformative Gift that Keeps On Giving 

In 2005, my daily use and addiction to alcohol had become extremely inconvenient.

Translate: I began puking blood.

It became painful to even attempt to drink anything, much less vodka. Since alcohol was never my drug-of-choice (DOC) to begin with, I sought after another way to fill the spiritual void. Painkillers were what I wanted. They were not only my DOC, but my preferred entry into what I can only describe to non-users as "the bliss."

The difficulty with painkillers is you need a prescription. I have ulcerative colitis; it's currently in remission because I'm much healthier today. Back in my using days, I'd visit doctors, seeking to acquire, acquire, acquire. Regularly. They caught on eventually.

That meant that I needed to find another source. For me, that source was tramadol.


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In this episode of "Together, We are a Force," Dan and Jeremiah confront the connection spirituality has with staying sober.

Click here for this podcast! 

Find out how you can get your recovery into high gear!

Peace! Daniel Maurer "Dan the Story Man"


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How to Create a Postive Transformation in Your Own Life in Four Easy Steps, by Daniel D. Maurer


Generally, I have an allergy to any online article using the words "Easy" and "Steps." It seems, more often than not, that anything I can read under five minutes isn't going to effect a significant change in my life. (Yes, writers and editors, I used "effect" as a verb in that sentence.) However, here are four simple things I learned in recovery that anyone can learn to do. And guess what? They really work! For now, the title of this little essay stands, as is. - DTSM (Daniel Maurer)

It's very likely that some readers will recall nightmares with this picture.

It's very likely that some readers will recall nightmares with this picture.

Ever play the game Tetris? Yeah, you know the one. The object of the game is to fit in differently-shaped blocks into slots with other blocks to create a complete row. When you do that, the row disappears.

Whether you've played the game on your old Nintendo Entertainment System or on an online site today, you know the sadistic power that game has on your brain after you've played it for a while — after you're done playing, you close your eyes AND YOU KEEP SEEING TETRIS BLOCKS!

Pretty soon, Tetris blocks are everywhere. You see them in grocery store aisles with the soup cans; in pet stores in the kitty litter aisle; on a Christmas tree with the lights; in rows on cars on a highway; even within people walking in a mall. Everything gets tetricized!!


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Greetings! Addictionland is a great site. I'm in the midst of getting my own blog up and running and I will contribute to this blog soon. Thank you for your patience!


Daniel D. Maurer, "Dan the Story Man"

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