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Depression and school shootings

Posted by on in Other Addictions
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Teenagers often go through hormonal changes throughout life and may become depressed.  Depression in teens is very common and many teens take medicine and receive counseling in order to treat it.   Depression can be very dangerous if left untreated, and can cause the teen to commit suicide or even commit violent crimes against others.  Majority of school shootings were the result of a depressed teenager who just snapped one day and committed these horrific crimes. 


The signs and symptoms of Depression:

-          Feelings of Helplessness and hopelessness-  They no longer care anymore about anything, and feel as if their life is a lost cause that has no point.

-          Loss of interest in daily activities-  They don’t bother with daily activities anymore because they do not find a point for them.

-          Weight changes-  May gain or lose weight

-          Changes in appetite-  May lose their appetite or eat excessively because of their emotions.

-          Sleep Changes-  May want to sleep all the time or may be up all night and day unable to sleep.

-          Anger and irritability – may get angry over little or insignificant things, or just have a bad attitude in general.

-          Loss of energy- May have complete loss of energy and feel the need to lay in bed and not do anything.

-          Self loathing- hates themselves and their own lives.

-          Reckless Behavior-  May drink or use drugs recreationally because they feel their life has no meaning so if anything were to happen to them it would not really matter in the first place.

If your teen is showing any signs of depression it is best to seek out professional help immediately.  Depression and teens is very common and can lead the teen to act out and hurt others or themselves.  School shootings are all the result of a teen who was struggling with depression.


School shootings happen more than they should.  More than 60 school shootings that have been reported the shooter had been on or was currently taking psychiatric drugs.  More than 80 percent of those psychiatric drugs were antidepressants used for depression in teens.   All of the teens who were involved in the school shootings committed these crimes because they didn’t care who they hurt or if they got hurt themselves.  They didn’t see any value in life because the disease made them that way.  Many of these teens were on anti depressants and still committed these crimes, which shows that medicine does not always work .  Depression is best treated with medication and counseling to get to the deep unknown roots of what caused the depression in the first place.


Treatment for depression


 There are many different medications that are meant for teens with depression, and they all can have adverse side affects.  In some cases depression can be treated with just counseling, however if the depression is really bad the teen may need to take medication in order to improve their state of mind.  These medications are meant to releases more chemicals in our brain that make us happy.  Medication and counseling can really benefit a teen struggling with depression.  If your teen is struggling with depression consult a health care professional to get the treatment your teen deserves. 


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