Cathy Taughinbaugh Interviews Cate Stevens

Cate Stevens was interviewed by recovery coach, Cathy Taughinbaugh. Read "Get a Ticket to Insight and Freedom at Addictionland: Meet Cate Stevens."

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Top 100 Counseling Resources on the Web

Addictionland was nominated and voted one of the 100 Best Web Resources for Counselors.

Top Counseling Resource

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Recovery Coast to Coast

Radio Interview

Cate Steven's is interviewed by Neil Scott on Recovery Coast to Coast.

Listen to the interview.

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Take12 Radio: KHLT Recovery Broadcasting

Listen to Cate's Interview

Cate Stevens is interviewed by Monty' man on KHLT Recovery Broadcasting.

Listen to the interview

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Out of the Woods


A friend recommended the blog “” to me this week and I have been reading non-stop. I think you will like this too. AddictionLand covers all kinds of addictions: food, sex, drugs and anger addiction too and the stories are powerful.

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The Afflicted and Affected Radio Show

Chris Schroeder interviews Cate Stevens

Cate Stevens has a candid conversation with radio host, Chris Schroeder, on the Afflicted and Affected show.

Listen to the Interview

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Launch of New Website

A Cutting Edge Addiction Recovery Site

Addictionland was created by author and recovering addict, Cate Stevens, who candidly blogs and shares vignettes from her memoir on multiple, life threatening addictions. Addicts struggling to seek treatment because of the stigma of addiction will connect to this powerful site.

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The Ultimate Stress Blog: Stress Advice and More

Stress, Addiction, Compulsion and Honesty by Cate Stevens

For years I suffered in silence from multiple life threatening addictions including drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, food and unhealthy relationships. I was completely unaware of the connection between my compulsive behaviors and my overwhelming emotions. Not knowing a healthy way to address my upsets, pains and insecurities, I turned to quick fixes and my physical, mental and spiritual health suffered.

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What's New with Cate Stevens

Don’t miss Cate’s latest articles, blogs, interviews, workshops, Q&A’s, videos, book releases, and/or television appearances. As a writer, public speaker, mentor, recovering addict and/or promoter, Cate’s honesty, insight and enthusiasm is the kind every audience craves. If you are interested in scheduling Cate for one of your upcoming opportunities, please write to us at and let us know how Cate can help.

Cate on Recovery Coast to Coast

Cate on Take12Radio

Cate on Afflicted & Affected Radio

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