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The Pagan in Recovery: The Twelve Steps from a Pagan Perspective

Posted by deirdrehbrt
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on Wednesday, 29 June 2011
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Hi, I'm Dee.

I mentioned on a Facebook page that I've written a new book about the Twelve Steps from a Pagan perspective, and someone suggested that I make an excerpt available here.
If you would care to look at a preview, the first 20 or so pages are available here:

So what is this book about? Well, the title pretty much says it all, but let me explain a little. When I first entered the halls, I nearly ran out. While I know now that the Twelve Steps were written to be accessible to all, the truth is that in the rooms and in the texts, a very Christian attitude does exist. This is unavoidable because, especially in the United States, Christianity is the majority religion. Bill W. and Dr. Bob were also steeped in Christian tradition, and the program itself is a descendent of the Oxford Group - a Christian program.

So, as a Pagan, I was a little put off by a very Christian attitude. So often I'd hear "My higher power, who is Jesus Christ". The Lord's Prayer, a very Christian prayer is said at most meetings. AA's 12&12, and the Big Book mention Christian prayers and concepts quite often.

While, as a Pagan, I found this favor toward a specific religion and little mention of others a bit disturbing, I also knew that my very survival depended on recovery. My last outing found me waking (or regaining consciousness) in an intensive care ward at my local hospital. I didn't have much farther down to go. Quite simply, I needed to make this work - the alternative wasn't merely unpleasant - there was no longer an alternative.

As I worked the program, I came upon other Pagans - many who had left the program, many who were struggling. I spoke about the possibility of writing such a book, and the enthusiasm for this book was almost deafening. About a year later, this book was ready.

The Pagan in Recovery isn't a new program. Rather, it's a book that explains how ANY existing program can be used effectively by a Pagan. Let me know what you think; I'm interested in people's opinions. If you have questions about Paganism, or how a Pagan can utilize the steps, I'd love to talk about that too!

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