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Posted by RachaelBrownell
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on Saturday, 08 January 2011
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ADDICTIONLAND: What event caused you to get honest and seek recovery?

RACHAEL: For me, it was a culmination of events. It’s important to note that I wasn’t sent to recovery by the courts, didn’t get a DUI, or lose a house or a job, and wasn’t told by anyone I had a problem. These things are important to acknowledge because for many of us with a drinking problem, if we don’t have any of those outer signs, we think that we’re not alcoholics.

The main event that caused me to reevaluate was the state of my family. My marriage was terribly in trouble, my beloved twins were starting Kindergarten, and my job situation was going downhill fast. Because of an awful hang-over I missed out on the Kindergarten parent orientation, when I swore I’d never ever let my drinking impact my kids.I suspected for a long time that I had a problem, but that day was my last straw. The last piece of denial fell away.

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