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Why I like Sobriety

Posted by Betsy1229
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on Sunday, 29 July 2012
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Today I was thinking about lists. I like to read lists. They read fast and easy. I thought about what kind of list I could write for the month of August that would have to do with why I like sobriety and why I like being sober.

I also thought about The top ten things about turning 50. Or maybe even, The Top Reasons Why it is Okay to Embrace Aging. Those ideas are still in my mind and maybe they will form them selves into a blog, or maybe they wont. We will see. I have 31 days to work it all out and let my message take shape.

So lets start.

Why do I like Sobriety?

1) I can plan a vacation with out worring about when and where to drink. I do not need to worry about how much alcohol will I be able to get my hand on.

2) I can communicate and remember what I said. I can remember what you said.

3) I can see the sun come up and can see the sun go down. I see the colors in all their blazing glory.

4) I can wake up in the morning knowing that the day ahead of me is full of possibility and wonder. There is no more need to hurt, feel knotted in shame, or weighed down in remorse.

5) I can make friends and love people now with out fear or expectations.

6) I do not have to be taken advantage of because of the stupor I am in. I am not robbed from any more. My soul is intact and I am the leader of my destiny.

7) I do not have to be alone anymore. The bone chilling, dark shawdowed fog of severe aloneness is gone. Absolutely GONE.

8) I do not have to figure things out any more. I have a pwer greater than myself that is way more pwerful than I could have ever imagined. I ask and wait to receive. I let Go and let him. WOW!

9) I am teachable, correctable, open and willing.

10) I am never at the end of this journey. Each day is a new beginning. If Plan A does not work, I move on over to Plan B. I may fail, but now I know that I am not a failure.


What about you? Why do you like sobriety and recovery?

Next week: Freedom from Eating Disorders at 50 and the leftovers.....

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