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Four Recovery Ideas for a Family Breakthrough! Join Bev for upcoming tele-class!

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on Monday, 09 July 2012
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These Four Cornerstones of Family Recovery are a great place to start your journey through the 12 Keys to Sanity for Families of Addicts. They let you know that your loved one’s journey is theirs to take and begin to give you tools to better understand your addicted loved one as well as yourself in relationship to them, along with ways to actually cope with the situation you have landed in.

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Here is a Brief Overview of each:

  • The Three C’s (you didn’t cause the addiction, you can’t control it, you can’t cure it) are as old as the Alanon hills, yet not everyone in Alanon knows there are really FOUR! Most have been taught only three! They are guide posts to understanding which part of your addicted loved one’s situation is YOUR fault (none of it),which part you can control (none of it), which part you can fix (none of it).  But the fourth C let’s you know that you are NOT completely off the hook! You, as a family member, have the ability and the power to contribute to their continued using or their potential recovery. To find out more, come to session one: The Four C’s.
  • The Six Stages of Change model was developed by a researcher whose own father died of alcoholism. When Dr. James Prochaska, PhD,  was a boy, he watched his father lose his battle with the bottle and began to wonder what helps people make huge changes in their lives and what keeps them from doing so. In college he studied psychology and later, he led a group of researchers to study every psychological change model to figure out which of those models would be most useful to those struggling with changing destructive habits. Instead, he found that when the models were used was more important than which models were used. The value of understanding this model cannot be overestimated as a way to help you help your loved ones – and yourself as you struggle to let go of their using. To explore this model together and find out what stage you are on in relation to letting go of your addiction to your addicted loved one, and what you need to do to move to the next stage, join in on session two: The Six Stages of Change Model
  • Breath Through Each Moment is all about how conscious breathing can help us get through the most difficult times with much greater ease. Having a regular meditation practice each day is optimal, but even taking a few moments here and there to simply breathe deeply and slowly can make a real difference in your life! Attending session three will give you ideas of ways to implement both options into your life. And,  just learning these techniques can be life changing and help you make tremendous progress toward becoming a loving mirror.
  • You are Your Addict’s Best Chance of Recovery! Understanding this cornerstone can have a profound impact on your ability to have a positive influence on your loved one. Family members around the world struggle devotedly to help their loved ones. It’s just that the methods they use often make things worse. Things like yelling, begging, guilting, coercing, manipulating, etc., turn you into a nag and your loved one into someone who does not want to be anywhere near you. By learning what works best when communicating with an addict and what doesn’t, you have a better chance of helping your loved one decide to get well. While there are no guarantees, there is no harm in increasing your chances through learning more effective tools for living and communicating. And, this is what this session on the 4th Cornerstone, You Are Your Addict’s Best Chance of Recovery,  is all about!

To learn more and sign up go to

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