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Posted by on in Drug Addiction

SPICE- A unregulated Incense used to get kids high.


What is Spice?
Spice is a synthetic cannabinoid, "fake" pot, and is sold as incense. Often sold at pipe shops or adult shops as a herb incense or natural herb potpourri. Spice is far from natural. Spice is a chemically altered compound that is not regulated and is very strong. Spice Incense does contain varies dried plants but the chemically made spray on, cannabinoid remains constant. How it works is it is sprayed over the herbs in Spice creating the high when smoked.
Spice is usually inhaled (smoked) and is not legal as a medical treatment. Spice is often combined with marijuana creating a still further hallucinogenic effect. Teens will describe Spice as legal and easier to buy; however it is not meant to be used as a intoxicant, despite the sale at shops that say it is ok. Misuse of the incense does rise to the level of drug use. Spice is often more potent than marijuana (Spice is NOT THC-note: there is NO THC in Spice) because it is entirely chemical and has a more harmful effect on the brain, lungs and body. Spice packages are clearly labeled not for human consumption but it is easily bought by teenagers and misused.

Spice can create:



Increased Blood Pressure

Intense Anxiety

If your loved one has any of these symptoms watch for:

Smell of burning herbs or incense
Foil or pipes
Frequenting pipe or "head shops". 
Finding foil spice packages. 
See a Addictions Counselor if you think your loved one is using Spice. 

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Posted by on in Drug Addiction

It is time we pulled back the curtain so we can see the faces of addiction in the new millennium. It is no longer the faces of addicts on the street corners buying and selling drugs illegally. It is the High School principle, the stockbroker, the sweet lady who is our next door neighbor. It is these faces that walk into pharmacies all through out our country with  prescriptions for highly addictive powerful narcotics given to them by their Dr.'s as if they were aspirins. Today you can have a tooth pulled and your dentist will gladly write out a Vicodin prescription or go to a Dr. for back pain and in many cases, walk out with  prescriptions for 40 to 80 mg Oxycontin. How about Fentanyl  patches, lollypops etc? Fentanyl was created to alleviate some pain for stage 4 Cancer patients. This Tsunami of prescriptions has led to a strong increase in Heroin use over the last number of years. For a country that has 5% of the world population we consume 80% of all the narcotic pain medication sold in the world. What this country needs in an Intervention and for all the Women and Men out there that are addicted to Dr. prescribed narcotics, they should know there is a way out.

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Posted by on in Drug Addiction

NeverEnding Emails—The Transformative Gift that Keeps On Giving 

In 2005, my daily use and addiction to alcohol had become extremely inconvenient.

Translate: I began puking blood.

It became painful to even attempt to drink anything, much less vodka. Since alcohol was never my drug-of-choice (DOC) to begin with, I sought after another way to fill the spiritual void. Painkillers were what I wanted. They were not only my DOC, but my preferred entry into what I can only describe to non-users as "the bliss."

The difficulty with painkillers is you need a prescription. I have ulcerative colitis; it's currently in remission because I'm much healthier today. Back in my using days, I'd visit doctors, seeking to acquire, acquire, acquire. Regularly. They caught on eventually.

That meant that I needed to find another source. For me, that source was tramadol.


Posted by on in Drug Addiction

Fun and alive.
That is how you'll feel.
Creative and useful are part of the deal.
The night isn't lonely for your full of ideas,
The old becomes, new as you paint or you plot,
Your  mind keeps on spinning around the clock.
The days become night without any sleep,
A small voice'll whisper, "You're getting in deep."
They come and they try to break you away,
You fight and you scream, God, please go away.
You really can't face the truth, what they say,
You have changed, become crazy, it just happened...she'll stay.
The little voice cries out, "Help me, I'll change,"
but no one can hear you, it's better this way.
So deeper and deeper down the abyss,
Seeing things, hearing voices, it is the devil's own kiss.
No more good time parties from day till the dawn,
Anything good, or accomplished now it's gone.
Instead, its routine, just to breathe through the pain,
Self inflicted, uncaring, your life circles the drain.
They come, we can help you, but you lash out in fear,
Will they take it? The thing I held dear?
Maybe it's time to surrender the game,
Your body aches from years of the strain.
You lift up your eyes, in that second that you can,
You grab hold, and squeeze, it's somebody's hand.

Get help for someone you love.

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Posted by on in Drug Addiction

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, "Illicit drug use in America has been increasing. In 2012, an estimated 23.9 million Americans aged 12 or older—or 9.2 percent of the population—had used an illicit drug or abused a psychotherapeutic medication (such as a pain reliever, stimulant, or tranquilizer) in the past month."

Ouch, right? Those numbers make an even more painful impact when the alcohol or drug user they are talking about is your very own sweet baby girl or boy. As our children enter the teen years and adulthood they are faced with more access to alcohol and drugs than ever before. I was recently driving with my 60 year old friend through the small town he grew up in he told me stories of his teen years. "I was too drunk to be driving one night," he said, "so the cop just carried me in the house and had my friend drive my car home." Not exactly the world we live in now.


So what do you do when you find out your teen has regularly been using alcohol or marijuana?

  • Do not over react.

Parents tend to believe they have to make a big stand to scare teens. Teens are not easily scared, not away from drugs. Especially not marijuana or alcohol. Remember Dare to Keep Kids Off Drugs? It is not around anymore. Why? Because scare tactics (the programs primary focus) does not work; teens are invincible, right? Therefore, keep it simple. Explain your family rules, your expectations and a consequence such as staying in a weekend and a shorter curfew for a few weeks. A giant punishment loses the intended effect and alienates you from your teen.


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